About Confident Kids

John Trent, Ph.D:

 "I was two months old when my father left. There were no displaced homemaker programs back then. No Confident Kids program to help bring hope and light and God's love to hurting children. But there is today. I've read their material, and watched how Confident Kids has helped many children at my home church. If you're looking for a tool to build up broken hearts, and teach people about God's best, I heartily recommend Confident Kids."

John Trent is a nationally known speaker, counselor, and best selling
author (The Two Sides of Love, The Language of Love,
The Blessing, The Value of a Man, Love Is A Decision.)


Have you ever thought, "Wouldn't it be great if we had a place to give focused time and attention to our kids who are struggling? A place where we could offer support and encouragement, pray with them - and teach them skills to cope with their life circumstances? And wouldn't it truly be a dream come true if we could get their parents to come to a parents' group, too?"

Well, Confident Kids is that place!

Confident Kids is a Bible based support group program offering a life skills curriculum that helps families with children ages 4 - 12 years old deal with the stresses of living in today's world. Through games, skits and small group discussions, children learn important life skills while experiencing a safe place to talk about their life experiences. In a concurrent group, parents learn to apply these same skills at home, while experiencing a safe place to share their stories, as well. In both groups, participants grow as they discover they are not alone.