The Confident Kids Curriculum

Confident Kids is a Christian Support Group Program that offers help for hurting kids and struggling parents. The heart of the program is the Confident Kids curriculum, which provides completely detailed lesson plans and instructions for conducting CK groups. Currently, there are four units that comprise the total program.

The four units of the Confident Kids program are published in reproducible, spiral-bound volumes. Each volume is 416 pages and contains eight 90-minute sessions with age-graded lesson plans for four age groups: preschool, elementary, preteen and parents. Thus, all family members address the same issues - but in age-appropriate language and learning environments. These four units were revised and published by Standard Publishing Company in 1997. When used consecutively, they provide a 32 week program.

You will find all the Confident Kids units to be Biblically based, easy to use, and adaptable for use in churches, Christian schools, after school programs, recovery groups, family ministries and just about anywhere else you would like to use it!

The subject matter for each unit is as follows. For Pricing and Ordering Information see our Resource Catalogue.

Facing My Feelings

"All My Feelings Are OK." Children and parents learn how to name their feelings, how to express them in healthy and appropriate ways, how to recognize and lower feelings defenses, and how to use their feelings to know when it's time to ask for help. They are also introduced to King David, who shares how he used music and poetry to express all the many feelings he experienced throughout the events of his life.

Description: feelings

Session titles in this unit:

Session 1: Feelings Are An Important Part of Life
Session 2: All My Feelings are OK!
Session 3: What Are My Feelings Defenses?
Session 4: I Can Express My Feelings Safely
Session 5: Some Feelings Are Difficult to Handle
Session 6: My Feelings Tell Me When I Need to Ask for Help
Session 7: Jesus Helps Me With My Feelings
Session 8: Celebration/Parent’s night

Living in My Family

"There Are No Perfect Families." Children and parents are encouraged to see their family, whoever that may include, as their primary place of belonging and support. They also learn and practice a variety of family living skills. Hearing from Adam and Eve assures group participants that God's plan from the beginning has been for people to live in families, but that from the beginning of time, families have had to face and overcome a plethora of problems!

Description: family

Session titles in this unit:
Session 1: There Are No Perfect Families!
Session 2: What’s A Family For, Anyway?
Session 3: Changes Can Upset My Family
Session 4: My Actions Can Help – Or Hurt – My Family
Session 5: My Words Can Help – Or Hurt – My Family
Session 6: “I Care About You!”
Session 7: I Can Belong to God’s Family, Too!
Session 8: Celebration/Parent’s night

Growing Through Changes

"Nothing Stays the Same Forever." Children and parents learn to deal with the significant changes in their lives by grieving the losses that occur when things changes. They learn to identify and manage the six stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and Hope. Biblical accounts of Joseph, who dealt with many changes throughout his lifetime, encourage children to trust in God's plan for their lives even through the most difficult and confusing times of change.

Description: changes

Session titles in this unit:

Session 1: Nothing Stays the Same Forever
Session 2: Denial
Session 3: Anger
Session 4: Bargaining
Session 5: Depression
Session 6: Acceptance and Hope
Session 7: God’s Special Plan for Me!
Session 8: Celebration/Parent’s night

Making Wise Choices

"I Always, Always Have Choices." Children and parents learn the difference between wise and unwise choices, a six step process for making wise choices, and how to find wise adults when they need to ask for help. Visits from Queen Esther and Mordecai show children how to follow God's directions, even through the most difficult of choice making situations.

Description: choices

Session 1: Choices, Choices Everywhere!
Session 2: C = Claim the Problem
Session 3: H = How Many Choices Can I Find?
Session 4: O = Obey/Own God’s Word
                O = One Choice to Try
Session 5: S = See It Through
Session 6: E = Evaluate the Results
Session 7: Choosing God’s Way
Session 8: Celebration/Parent’s night