From Our Mailbox

From time to time, people ask us why we keep doing this ministry. The answer can be found in the letters and emails we receive from people who take the time to tell us what CK has meant to them.  We can’t publish all these notes, but here are a few of our favorites!

From a Teen

Hi. My name is Drew and I am 15 years old. I was in Confident Kids from 4-6th grade and I loved it. I was able to get my problems out and talk and cry and show that I was really hurting. I am now a counselor myself, and there is nothing more I can say but that I love it and enjoy every minute. I have been encouraging kids my age to come and be like sub counselors working under an older counselor which I have been doing for 2 sessions.

Thank you for making Confident Kids. For all the kids who have been through it, I thank you.

From Illinois

We have been using Confident Kids curriculum now for over 5 years and we are loving it! We are a multi-site church and are gearing up to offer a Confident Kids program in three locations each week this fall. We currently offer the program as part of our support and recovery ministry in Naperville and Romeoville, IL. In the fall we will add Montgomery, Illinois to the list of locations.

We are finding the curriculum to be solid and consistent in offering a place of hope and healing for kids. One mom relayed this story: Driving in the car with her 10 year old son, Alex, she lost her patience with him in the course of the conversation. Tired at the end of the day, she raised her voice and used words she regretted. Alex looked at mom calmly and said, "Mom, when you talk to me like that, I feel like you don't love me." Mom said to me..."THAT, is Confident Kids." She went on to further explain that she had not herself learned how to clearly express herself and now she was seeing her son do that in a healthy way. She was sure that she did not teach him that, but that he learned it in Confident Kids. She said it took her so by surprise, she was able to reflect on her conversation with her son and have more patience the next time around.

Thank God for Confident Kids where kids are growing emotionally and spiritually.

-- A Director of Support and Recovery

From Minnesota

When my schedule forced me to stop leading CK at our church, it kind of fell apart. Other leaders stepped up, but for several reasons it just didn't continue. We now have a new pastor and my time commitments have changed so that I have agreed to direct the program at our church again. Our new pastor was not convinced that CK was what we should do. Last week we had an organizational meeting. I did not have to say much at all. Five former facilitators just could not stop talking about the curriculum and the life changing effect it has on the children. Three of them are teachers in the public school system, one is a social worker and one is the director of a day care. They were quite the pep squad. And the person the pastor had brought in to do music said that she didn't really think we needed to do the CK Song or the other CK music and that she had some things picked out. The pep squad was not about to listen to that! They spoke of kids identifying with the song and how the kids had even made up motions to it! And right there they broke into the song and sang it from beginning to end. The group was convinced and we have real excitement and energy about our program for next year!

Additionally, my denomination asked me to go to a church in New York this spring and teach them how we did our program. God really worked us through that training. Through overbooked flights and snow storm cancellations we finally got together and the time was amazing. They planned and prayed for 12 students in their program. The first night 18 showed up!

Don't ever waiver in the belief that CK is the best Christ centered program for ALL kids that we have. And the only skill building, Christ centered program. I really am praying with renewed energy that more churches and faith communities will be led to Confident Kids.

About our unit, "Telling Myself the Truth"

We are in session four of "Telling Myself the Truth." WOW! The kids, parents and facilitators are all loving the material, the activities and everything about this unit...
-- From Austin, Texas

I sent a boy in my small group a post card saying he is very special. At the next meeting he told me that his grandfather saw the card and said, "This person must not know you very well since he called you 'special' -- You're not special". The boy gave me a BIG smile and told me, "When he said that I said to myself, 'That's a lie, I'm Fearfully and Wonderfully made by God". It constantly amazes me how powerful this material is, Linda. I know it is anointed by the Lord.
-- A Small group facilitator from New York


"I wish I had a group like this when I was 8."
Dale Ryan , CEO
Christian Recovery International