Help Start A CK or KLM Program in Your Community

EVERY community needs a Confident Kids and/or a Kids Like Me! program to bring hope,healing and the message of God's love to our hurting children and their parents. If your community does not have a group, you can help get one started. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Explore the Getting Started pages of this website. They include a step by step guide to beginning a group in your church or other organization.
  • Approach the leadership of your church to make them aware of this vital ministry. Look for a staff person who will be motivated to get involved. Be sure that person has our website address so he or she can read all about the program and what's involved.
  • If more support is needed, visit a number of churches in your area to possibly form a joint task force to begin a CK or KLM group. You can also talk with your local Christian school counselors, and other community agencies you think might be willing to get involved.
  • AS A PARENT, you can work through the CK or KLM curriculum with your own children. If you home school, these curriculums make a wonderful addition to your home studies.
  • Need more help? Contact the Confident Kids office for more ideas.