Growing up in America today is not easy. Simply surviving can be complicated for children growing up with fractured families, drugs and alcohol in their homes and communities, family and neighborhood violence, foster care – and so much more! Yet few places within our society, and even fewer within our churches, are reaching out to help elementary age children deal with the complexities of these high stress life situations.


On the pages of this website you will find the information you need to bring help, hope, healing and the message of God’s love to hurting children and their struggling parents!  We hope you will enjoy browsing the site.  Afterwards, please free to contact us with your questions. We are always happy to hear from you and help you reach out to hurting children and families in your community.

Confident Kids is an international organization that has been promoting Christian support group programs for children ages 4-12 (and their parents) since 1990.  Our primary goal is to help churches and other organizations begin a children’s support group ministry in their own communities…

Wondering how to lead a children’s support group? Not to worry! Everything group leaders need to say and do is spelled out in complete detail in our curriculum guides.

We currently have two distinct curriculums available:

Confident Kids – a general curriculum for families dealing with any high stress issue.

Kids Like Me! – a curriculum specifically for children of alcoholics/addicts (COA/As) or other recovery issues.
Beginning a children's support group ministry in your community will take some thought and preparation. To help you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for each of our programs …

From the Field …

"I was two months old when my father left. There were no displaced homemaker programs back then. No Confident Kids program to help bring hope and light and God's love to hurting children. But there is today. I've read their material, and watched how Confident Kids has helped many children at my home church. If you're looking for a tool to build up broken hearts, and teach people about God's best, I heartily recommend Confident Kids."
John Trent, Ph.D.
John Trent is a nationally known speaker, counselor, and bestselling author (The Two Sides of Love, The Language of Love, The Blessing, The Value of a Man, Love Is A Decision.)

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