Kids Like Me! Curriculum

A Christian Support Group Program for Children of Alcoholics/Addicts and Related Issues


Kids Like Me! is a Life Skills Educational Support Group Program (just like Confident Kids). The curriculum consists of 13 sessions (a full quarter) with a separate, fully detailed lesson plan for early childhood (4-6 yrs.), elementary (7-9 yrs.) and preteens (10-12 yrs.). Session Summary sheets tell parents what their children learned in each session AND gives them a To-Do-At-Home Activity to use during the week.

Session Topics
     Session 1: Introduction To Living A Healthy Life
     Session 2: Communication Skills
     Session 3: Feelings
     Session 4: Feelings Defenses
     Session 5: Anger Management
     Session 6: Alcohol and Other Drugs Facts & Information
          *Alternate Session 6: What's A Family?
     Session 7: Chemical Dependency is a Disease
          *Alternate Session 7: All Families Have Problems
     Session 8: Chemical Dependency Affects the Whole Family
          *Alternate Session 8: Getting Help, Staying Safe
     Session 9: Responsible Decision Making/Problem Solving
     Session 10: Boundaries/Limit Setting
     Session 11: Friendships and Safe People
     Session 12: Personal Uniqueness
     Session 13: Celebration!

*Explanation of Alternate Sessions: The three core sessions – 6,7,8 – are completely about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the disease of chemical dependency. Since not all children attending Recovery Ministry groups are from homes where addiction is the primary issue, these sessions have been added. KLM administrators can choose which session plans are most appropriate for the children attending their groups.

Curriculum Components

The Kids Like Me! curriculum comes in a loose-leaf notebook. This is a one time purchase, as all the information is fully reproducible (for use within the purchaser's organization/program ONLY). The curriculum contains:

  • Preface. This section contains complete instructions for getting a KLM program up and running and complete information on using the curriculum. Also contains helpful tips on leading children's support groups, handling sensitive issues (confidentiality) and avoiding legal problems.
  • Session Plans.* There is a complete lesson plan for each age group and a sample of all teaching materials (i.e., activity sheets, posters, scripts).
  • Appendices. Contains supplementary information on subjects such as children of alcoholics/addicts, risk and resiliency studies and understanding learning differences. This section also contains program forms and other important information.
  • Copy Master CD. Contains PDF files of all handouts and posters. Print these teaching items directly from your computer!