Training By Invitation

Bring a Seminar to Your Church or Area

Churches or other organizations may contact us to provide any kind of training they desire. Here are some ideas of seminars we can do:

  • Confident Kids or Kids Like Me!. Whether you are just beginning a Confident Kids or Kids Like Me! Ministry, or you have had several years experience, we can customize a training to meet your needs. Click here to see complete information on the typical content for Confident Kids and Kids Like Me! training seminars.
  • Children's Ministry Volunteers. Much of the material we cover in our CK training is applicable to anyone who works with children. Topics we cover include:
    • Understanding the world of a high stress child, and why they struggle to connect in our traditional children's ministry programs.
    • Building trust and other skills for reaching high stress kids
    • Helping high stress kids connect with God.
    • Behavior and discipline issues with high stress kids.
    • Other topics of your choice.
  • Family Recovery.Are you working with adults in Christian Recovery groups? Are your parents looking for ways to make their recovery part of their family life? Most parents discover a huge gap between how to change their own lives and how to change their life at home. Having grown up without models of what a healthy family is like, one of the biggest challenges for parents in recovery is to provide a healthy home for their own children! We can help! NOTE: We can do seminars for parents in recovery, or train recovery leaders how to provide for family recovery as part of their overall recovery ministry.

What does it cost?

Our standard fee for any of the customized seminars listed above is $500 per day, plus all expenses for 2 trainers.

Convention Workshops

We are available to do workshops at local Christian Education, Children's Ministry and Recovery Conventions. Some of the workshops we have offered in the past include:

  1. Where is God When I’m Hurting? Helping Today’s High Stress Kids Connect to God. Stressful circumstances, such as divorce, blended families, death, murders at school, alcohol/drug abuse - and more - effect children’s ability to hear spiritual truths. This workshop explores why high stress kids often disconnect from God, even in our children’s ministry settings! Learn how to recognize and meet their unique needs, including how to talk about spiritual truths in ways they can hear and receive.
  2. Children’s Support Groups: Help For Hurting Kids and Struggling Parents. Support groups provide a safe place for hurting kids, and their parents, to talk about their stressful circumstances, discover they are not alone in their struggles, learn valuable coping skills, and receive spiritual guidance. This workshop explores how support groups work, looks at support group resources currently available, and presents a step-by-step guide for starting a program in your church and community.
  3. Discipline and Behavior Issues with High Stress Kids. This workshop explores how to discern the difference between “acting up’ (normal kid behavior) and “acting out” (behavior stemming from emotional pain), and why we must treat these two kinds of behaviors differently. Also, learn practical strategies to deal with troublesome acting out behavior.
  4. Empowering Struggling Parents. Today’s parents are under more pressure, and more ill-equipped to deal with those pressures, than any other generation of parents in our history. However, they are also the least likely to show up at your parent education classes! This workshop will raise your awareness of what’s it like to be a struggling parent, as well as present a variety of effective ways to reach them.
  5. Kids Caught in the Crossfire. In America today, 1 out of 4 children lives in a home affected by alcohol and/or drug abuse. Living in these homes takes a terrible toll on the children. At best, life is chaotic; at worst, very dangerous for these "children caught in the crossfire" of their parent's addiction. Without intervention, they are many more times likely to develop their own addictions, enter into abusive relationships or become abusers themselves. Yet, only 1 in 20 of these children receive any kind of help. Learn what kind of help we can give them, including how the Kids Like Me! Program can make a huge difference in their lives!