Training By Invitation

We offer various kinds of training content to meet a variety of needs. The information below lists suggested content for seminars of varying lengths. However, we can work with you to customize a training experience that is just right for your group. So give us a call ... and let's see what we can do! Click on the bullets below for more information:

Seminar - One Day

This seminar is designed to give participants an overview of the Confident Kids program and how to start one in their area. Subjects include:

  • How a support group for kids and parents works.
  • Introduction to both the Confident Kids and Kids Like Me programs and materials.
  • How to meet the unique needs of high stress kids.
  • Getting started information.

Seminar - Two Days
This seminar expands on the content of the Introductory Seminar, adding more skill development for program leaders. Content includes:

Day 1: Foundations. This day lays the foundations for establishing a children's support group ministry. Subjects:

  • Life in a high stress family.
  • Children's Support Groups as an early intervention strategy.
  • Helping high stress children connect to God.
  • Split session: Newcomers receive an overview of how children's support groups work and an overview of the CK and KLM curriculums; experienced CK leaders have a sharing/problem solving session.

Day 2: Basic Facilitation Skills. This day will focus on the essential skills needed by program leaders and administrators, including:

  • How to create a safe, supportive environment for high stress children and parents.
  • Impacting the powerful family system.
  • Behavior & Discipline Issues with high stress kids.
  • Confident Kids DNA. End the seminar with a check-list of everything we know about starting and running a successful children's support group ministry! A highly useful tool.

Confident Kids Institute - Three Days

This is our most extensive training! Appropriate for those new to the CK program, and those who have been using it for some time. Although there is some overlap between content presented in the 2 Day seminar, the Leadership Institute includes:

  • Detailed information on all four of the Confident Kids curriculum units, including its unique application to high stress children and parents.
  • Deeper look at the development of the belief system and self-talk, including practical methods for changing destructive, negative self-talk in program participants.
  • Recruiting and training leaders.
  • Extended session on leading parent's groups.
  • Value of play to the CK program and high stress families.
  • Overcoming blocks to effectiveness.
  • More!

Seminar - One or Two Days

Training specific to Kids Like Me! is one full day. However, the basic information and skill building essentials included in the Basic (2 day) seminar is needed for KLM program leaders, too. If KLM leaders have never had this basic training, we suggest scheduling a 2 day seminar.

KLM training content includes:

  • Understanding the unique needs of children whose parents are in recovery.
  • Understanding how addiction and other recovery issues affect ALL family members.
  • In-depth overview of KLM groups and how they differ from CK groups.
  • Facilitation skills unique to KLM groups.
  • More!

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