The Way We Train is in Transition

Kids and parents today are facing more stress than at any other time in our history and you can help make a difference in their lives. Over the years, Confident Kids seminars have helped hundreds of churches and other Christian organizations across our country and in other parts of the world begin a ministry of hope and healing to hurting families. However, times change and so is the way we are offering training. Most notably, we are no longer offering any live seminars.

Check out the links below for more information on what is available now.

  • Training by Invitation. Learn more about how to bring a customized Confident Kids seminar to your area.
  • Training Subjects. We offer training on a wide variety of subjects from beginning and running an effective Confident Kids or Kids Like Me! Ministry, to understanding and meeting the needs of high stress children and families in any ministry setting (Sunday School, After School Programs, Recovery Groups, etc.)
  • Area Representatives. NEW! For those who have Confident Kids Experience and wish to take their ministry to the next level.

Under Development...

We are in the process of developing some new venues for training. Soon, we will be providing:

  • Webinars. Learn about ministry to high stress children and families right from your own computer.
  • PowerPoint Training Modules. Individual modules will allow you to customize your training to the subjects you want to learn more about. With the companion study guides, you can learn on your own or use them to train a group.
  • Confident Kids Blog. Continue your learning and get support by asking questions and discussing issues with other Confident Kids leaders.

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